EDERRA [ed-DARE-ahhh]

Definition: Honestly Beautiful

Origin: Basque!






Ederra is a Sunlit Beauty Boutique in Fremont Washington 

Are you ready to achieve a stunning look?  Ederra is your destination for elegant and long lasting eyelash extensions, lash lift and tint, sugaring, and airbrush tanning.  Pamper yourself with organic and locally sourced skin care products. And add some bling with smile-inducing jewelry lines. 

Love Your Lashes

Healthy beautiful lashes begin here. We start with the very best in service, exceptional products, and expertly trained artists! Our advanced technique, years of experience and  unique process is unparalleled in the industry. Your lash extensions will surely become the most glamorous part of you.


Your Visit

When you visit Ederra, you enter a retreat designed to rejuvenate you from the inside out.  We give shape to your inner beauty. Choose from a variety of beautifying services. 



Eyelash Extensions 


Classic Full Set:

For the most natural look. 

One extension per one natural lash. 

(120 to 135 minutes)   $200


Classic/Volume Mixed Full Set:

A mix of handmade volume fans and classic extensions, adding subtle fullness where needed.

(120 to 135 minutes) $250


Volume Full Set:

Handmade volume fans containing three to five extensions placed on each natural lash.  It is truly a work of art!

For the woman seeking a bolder, more full look. Also great for someone that has very sparse lashes and needs more thickness. 

(150 to 175 minutes) $325


All fills will be consulted by lash artist to see what is the best fit.  You must have at least 50% of your original set on for it to be considered a refill.  

Classic Fill:

One Week (30 minutes)  $43

Two Week (60 minutes)  $70

Three Week (75 minutes)  $85

Classic Volume Mix Fill:

One Week (30 minutes) $50

Two Week (60 minutes)  $85

Three Week (75 minutes)  $100

Volume Fill:

One Week (45 minutes) $60

Two Week (75 minutes)  $100

Three Week (90 minutes) $120



Prices Vary. (30 minutes) From $40 to $65

Other Salon's work:

We are happy to accommodate another salon's work as long as:

  1. The extensions are applied in a quality we like to uphold. 

  2. Your lashes are serviceable and not damaging your natural lashes.

  3. You have at least 50% of your extensions still intact. 





Brow Maintenance (15 mins) $20

Brow Shaping (30 mins) $25

Lip $10

Chin $10

Forehead $15

Cheeks $15

Jawline $15

Face $45

Face w/Brows $60


Half Arm $35

Full Arm $45

Underarm $25

Full back w/Shoulders $65

Back w/o Shoulders $50

Chest w/Abs $65

Chest $50

Abs $25

Neck $20

Nipples $10

Half Leg $45

Full Leg $75

Hands $15

Feet $15


Bikini $40

Tini Bikini $50

Brazilian $65

Male Brazilian $120

Maintenance Brazilian $55

Buttocks $35

Lash Lift and Tint

Lift and Tint  $125

Lift Without Tint  $110

Lash and Brow Tinting

Brows $25

Lashes $30

Lashes & Brows $50


Airbrush Tanning

Single $45

Package of 4  $170

Package of 10  $350

*Rapid Tan add  $7 per service

Free Face "Touch Up" within one week of service


Tan, Bare, & Youthful

At Ederra we use a natural airbrush product that is derived from sugar beets! It works with your skin’s melanin to create a glow that is sun-kissed, not Sunkist.


We carry several lines of jewelry and carefully chosen homecare products as well as candles and fun gift ideas. Our other lines are chic and cheerful, evolving as we work with several local artists to keep our shelves stocked.

Look at my Lashes

At Ederra we know that high quality products and individualized attention results in eyelashes to die for. We use only the highest quality lashes with a tried and trusted process – the result is eyelash extensions that are beautiful, full and elegant. Eyelash extensions instantly brighten your eye, enhancing your existing lashes. The varied lengths allow us to give you the look you are seeking, colorful, sexy, or elegant.


I first started seeing Shelby in 2002 when she was an esthetician at Gene Juarez, now I don’t go to anyone else. Shelby does amazing work, is professional, warm, and knowledgeable. Plus my eyelashes look AMAZING!! I will follow her anywhere, and I am so glad she opened Ederra.


I have a new addiction! Shelby first did eyelash extensions for me when I was getting ready for a wedding. I love them! She does careful work, they last a long time, and they totally brighten my face. I am a busy mother of two girls, I never sleep through the night, yet with eyelash extensions I can roll out of bed and look glamorous without any effort at all.


Ederra – which I learned means beauty – is a haven. The boutique itself is gorgeous, Shelby is welcoming, and they offer a lot of services. I got a tan, to combat the winter, and a little sugaring. Shelby did an great job, and had me laughing the whole time. I will be bringing my wedding party in next month for group lashes and tans! Yay!




720 N 35th St. Ste 102, Seattle, WA 98103

Call or Text - 206.495.5008




Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: by Appointment Only


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